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The PhysiYoga Difference by Brian Roy Garland....Physical Therapy + Yoga. . . coming soon!

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Teaching to the Middle by Diana Zotos Floro, Co-Director of The Threes PhysiYoga Method (TM)

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This is where we begin with Yoga Anatomy education....

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Anatomy for Yogis & Visible Body eBook.....Thanks to fellow Physical Therapist and Yoga Teacher Jen Wilking for sharing her collaboration with The Visible Body!

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Physical Therapists, Yoga Teachers and Anatomy for Yogis contributors Jen Wilking and Brian Roy Garland teaching Week 3/4 of “Making Sense of the Shoulder” @ Kindness Yoga in Denver.

This engaged group of yogis is nailing the integration of scapulothoracic and glenohumeral stabilization in upper extremity weight bearing yoga asana.

We used resistance bands, bolsters and eggs in our armpits to achieve stabilization.

We workshopped these important concepts in plank, chatturanga, downdog and bakasana with a special emphasis on the role of the serratus anterior and rotator cuff in these poses.